The Plans We Have As Proud Members of OKFN India

  Here is a list if things that Open Knowledge Foundation, India, would like to pay more attention to in the coming days: Push for Open Science practices in Indian research institutions. OKFN has been promoting Open Science all over the world for quite some time now. In India, we have a lot of work to […]

The Karnataka Learning Partnership: An Introduction

Whilst Lucy and I were traveling in India, we met Gautam John at an Open Data meet-up in Bangalore. Following this initial meeting, Gautam’s colleague Megha Vishwanath has written this post for the Open Data India blog, which explains the Karnataka Learning Partnership project, in which open data is being collected, aggregated and deployed to […]

OKFN India Trip – the Roundup

This is the final post in the Open Data in India series. Our visit to India wasn’t just about meetups… the following post deals with the individuals and organisations that Lucy and Laura met whilst in India, the questions they were asked and the projects they were introduced to. It is cross-posted on the OKFN […]

New OKFN India Site

The OKFN:Local India website was launched today with explicit objectives to promote the openness of all forms of knowledge where knowledge is taken to include information, data and all other synonymous terms. In particular To promote freedom of access, creation and dissemination of knowledge. To develop, support and promote projects, communities and tools that foster […]