Open Education Project

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Together, we can bring the light of education to all children in the country. This is an area OKFN, India is really passionate about. We want your support in our endeavors. Watch out for more posts.

We are planning to start a crowd sourced platform of free books and education tools, that will be made available online. These books will be free to be downloaded and printed by educators in the country. This way, we can easily reach out to economically challenged children with education. If the beta version proves to be a success, we plan to communicate with other OKFN local groups in the neighboring countries (at least) and join our forces in the good work. Facebook Group: You can submit books for our review. For more details, contact us.
The first target is children in the age group 3-14 years..whatever you submit should be free from plagiarism and should have an Indian context.

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